The Award of Excellence by ASAI – 2014

We are overjoyed with the announcement that “The beach Villa” was selected as an Award of Excellence recipient by ASAI (The American Society of Architectural Illustrators).

It is a critical shortcoming without recognition of the great people behind the curtain of successful. They are not only our colleagues, friends but also our big A2 family, as I thought, and this is a pivotal point of why “the beach villa” turned out so well. As a matter of fact, in spite of be received the award in 2014, this prodigious image was composed from the beginning months of the year 2011, when there was not much information, samples and technique be supported. The heart of this masterpiece was created by one-hundred-percent of love, feeling and inspiration.

We are also ineffable indebted to my partner who introduced and encouraged us to participate with ASAI award. He is one of the preeminent talents I have worked with a long period. His vision and creativity with 3D visualization is amazing.

The Beach Villa – The Award of Excellence by ASAI 2014